Notes On A Scandal

If I ever wax rhapsodic about romantic friendship, please slap me and set me right down in front of Notes On A Scandal.   This is the real thing.  This is the reality of the past, of heteronormativity.  Think of the millions of women who have suffered in silence, in confusion, in loveless lives, because they could not know who they loved.



2 Responses to “Notes On A Scandal”

  1. jude Says:

    Best Line: “They do things differently in bourgeois bohemia…..”

    Dame Judy’s character was my role model/idol for like a week after I saw that movie!!!!

  2. Chloe Black Says:

    Your simple yet profound comment in your blog post about this film (I did watch it ONCE and shuddered with internal angst I could not put into words…) “..Think of the millions of women who have suffered in silence, in confusion, in loveless lives,,,”
    These words I happened upon tonight, explain the destroyed human life -/body/mind and woman I have become.
    It is not Just in the Past that this reality, I need only look at my fathers’ sad eyes when he see a whale of body and broken career, mind and other body parts as well. my mother’s disdain for what she must know was a lesbian girl long before i did; is more verbally terse, even though I never came out of the closet in their faces nor flaunted a lifestyle at them nor any family members – I could not watch this movie more than the once even though I had purchased the dvd, The cracks in my mind have only grown and i have become more isolated than even i could ever imagine on a bad day. I Am the: “dieing whale” a new improved version of ‘the suffering in silence’ women who could not reach the door knob to the closet we lock our souls into. or? maybe it is just that High Fructose corn syrup is in every food we have…
    And Yes feel free to delete my comment from your blog.

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