Missoni Fall 2008-09

Lesbian imagery in fashion photography is one of my pet loves, so I was thrilled with Missoni’s Fall 2008-09 ad campaign.

Missoni Fall 2008-09, Elle Magazine

Elle doesn’t use the word “lesbian” in their blurb (page 292, I forget which issue), but it’s pretty clear what the source material and Missoni were doing. According to Elle, Missoni was referencing the 1970 movie The Conformist.

I haven’t seen the movie, but from this still it looks like a humdinger.

The Conformist, 1970

Incidentally, Threads Magazine has an article recently featured on how to make the wrap in Missoni’s ad. See issue April/May 2009 page 78, entitled “Envelop Yourself,” by Fred Bloebaum. I can’t find it online yet, sadly.


2 Responses to “Missoni Fall 2008-09”

  1. MUMadeline Says:

    I remember this campaign very very well it had the same intensity, mood etc. as Banana Republic’s Fall 2006 campaign. Its these kinds of ad campaigns that make it just delightful to be a homo in fashion.

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