How to Raise a Lesbian Daughter, Part 1

Be a domineering mother and have a Homer Simpson of a husband.

Sage advice from Growing Up Straight: What Every Thoughtful Parent Should Know About Homosexuality by Peter and Barbara Wyden, copyright 1968

“Lesbian homosexuals are less interested in sex per se than their male counterparts.” (pg. 75)

“What then, does set off female homosexuality?…’Our basic contention is that homosexuality in women is a safety valve, the means of making an adjustment to intolerable conflicts engendered in childhood as the result of an interplay of powerful psychological forces within the family.” (pg. 75-76)

“Joan was sent to Bellvue hospital by a judge in a New York court who felt that she was a delinquent in need of treatment…  at 15, Joan refused to wear a dress…Joan’s mother was a cool, unloving, highly efficient accountant.” (pg. 76)

Joan’s story is elaborated on at length.  Needless to say, her domineering mother and hapless father were the cause of her homosexuality.

I do always try to not make light of the truths of the past that have since become falsities.  Some, though, are too juicy not to feel smug at.  , part


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