How to Raise a Lesbian Daughter, Part 2

I love this book.  I found it at one of the sidewalk tables on sixth avenue between 4th and 8th streets, Manhattan. One can find the most amazing books there, AND one can bargain with the men selling them.

Growing Up Straight: What Every Thoughtful Parent Should Know About Homosexuality by Peter and Barbara Wyden, copyright 1968

Step 2: Marry your daughter to a jealous swinger.

“…she was so anxious to get away from home that she fled into marriage to a 22-year-old who proved to be mentally disturbed.  He was so jealous of other men that he introduced his wife to lesbians and encouraged her to be intimate with them.  After nine years of acutely unhappy marriage, this wife obtained a divorce and became exclusively lesbian.” (pg. 77)

And about mothers like this woman’s:

“These mothers may go out of their way to undermine the daughter’s feelings of femininity- perhaps by deliberately not dressing them in pretty or girlish clothes…these mothers often openly prefer the brother of a prehomosexual daughter. ”  (pg. 78)


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