Les Masculines, 1922

I feel terrible for forgetting where I got this image.  It was recently, too.  So I apologize to whomever I took this from for not crediting you.

This is from the French fashion periodical Gazette du Bon Ton (Currently there is an exhibit at Kent University Museum, ending May 30, 2010).

What I love is that the women have adopted riding clothes as their masculine-styled costume.  This makes sense.  Since the 18th century, women’s riding habits had been the first type of clothing to consistently borrow from male costume.  These women in 1922 would have been shocking, but not nearly as shocking as if they had worn everyday male dress.

Gazette du Bon Ton, 1922


Where do you fall on the masculine/feminine continuum? (1939 style)

These diagrams are from a book called Sex and Heredity by Amram Scheinfeld, published in 1939. Sorry about the bad scans, I didn’t want to crack the spine of this priceless tome.

"How various men and women rank according to average scores in the M-F test"

Irina Lazareanu and Freja Beha Erichsen in Elle, May 2008

Elle. May 2008

I spent much of my two years in the Costume Studies MA at NYU flipping through 80 years of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, so I can tell you with absolute certainty that the big fashion mags don’t give queers even a cursory glance.  Sure, an occasional nod for bringing trucker hats and boy’s suits for girls to The Fashion Community, but that’s about it.

That is what makes this image so astonishing.  Two women.  Hot queer women.  In a fashion spread.  Kissing. And enjoying it.

Bravo to Elle, it’s about f$%*ing time.  Now let’s get some articles on queer fashion.  Perhaps they should take a cue from DapperQ.

What Gay Women Wear, 1971 Images

As promised, here are the two photos that went along with the article from Rags 1971.

Gay Girl 1971

Jill Bray, gay girl in 1971

Gay girl 1971 with her dog

Susan Walsh, furniture refinisher and gay girl

The girl in the hat has a pretty groovy look, don’t you think?

I searched for all the women online to see if any were still around. The only one I was able to find information about was Wanda Van Dusen, who committed suicide in 1995.

If you have information about any of these women, please let me know. A retrospective interview would be a most amazing project.