Where do you fall on the masculine/feminine continuum? (1939 style)

These diagrams are from a book called Sex and Heredity by Amram Scheinfeld, published in 1939. Sorry about the bad scans, I didn’t want to crack the spine of this priceless tome.

"How various men and women rank according to average scores in the M-F test"


What Men Don’t Like About Women (1945)

What Men Don’t Like About Women by Thomas D. Horton, 1945.

This book really has nothing to do with lesbianism…except maybe to illuminate why women became lesbian-feminists in the 1970s.

I have no words for this book.  It is simply indescribable.  It contains not a hint of irony.  I urge you to find a copy and enjoy it.  To whet your curiosity, here are two short excerpts:

“In the entire history of the world no woman has been a good literary critic…If she has ever uttered a single original thought, a brief investigation will reveal that she borrowed it from a man.”  (page 98)

“2. Their discourtesy. There are few things in this world that offend a man more than to be directed in the sex act by his woman.  It is pretty near the ultimate humiliation, beyond forgiving and forgetting.  Nature demands that the male be dominant in bed if nowhere else.  The trials and tribulations of life, for a man, are numerous and harrowing enough, for him to be spared the final blow by the bossiness of his beloved during the embrace.  Some women think it is modern, sophisticated, and healthy for them to tell their men what to do and how to do it.  The truth is that it is degrading, that it sets up a terrific inferiority complex in the man, and that the upshot is marital misery or- divorce.” (page 138)

How to Raise a Lesbian Daughter, Part 1

Be a domineering mother and have a Homer Simpson of a husband.

Sage advice from Growing Up Straight: What Every Thoughtful Parent Should Know About Homosexuality by Peter and Barbara Wyden, copyright 1968

“Lesbian homosexuals are less interested in sex per se than their male counterparts.” (pg. 75)

“What then, does set off female homosexuality?…’Our basic contention is that homosexuality in women is a safety valve, the means of making an adjustment to intolerable conflicts engendered in childhood as the result of an interplay of powerful psychological forces within the family.” (pg. 75-76)

“Joan was sent to Bellvue hospital by a judge in a New York court who felt that she was a delinquent in need of treatment…  at 15, Joan refused to wear a dress…Joan’s mother was a cool, unloving, highly efficient accountant.” (pg. 76)

Joan’s story is elaborated on at length.  Needless to say, her domineering mother and hapless father were the cause of her homosexuality.

I do always try to not make light of the truths of the past that have since become falsities.  Some, though, are too juicy not to feel smug at.  , part